” Our number one priority is people. If our staff invest in us we should do the same. That’s why we encourage them  to take care of their social life as well.  Making sure they take the necessary time off and that they and their families stay healthy”.

We see ourselves as a management service provider company for luxurious river cruise ships sailing across the European rivers. Located in Limassol, Cyprus, we specialize in the fields of river cruise catering management, nautical crewing and payroll services.


Anqor is based on focusing on delivering well-trained and motivated staff, able to perform throughout Europe in any given scenario. We provide overall expertise and experience in inland shipping hospitality and are proud of quite an array of cruise related activities we may offer.


Our people are adventurous young professionals from all over Europe. All are qualified, experienced, representative, multilingual and hospitality minded.  Guest oriented with a close eye for detail ensuring that your guest’s specific wishes are translated in. We offer true and exceptional service and work on enhancing this constantly by developing our own training programs and our Anqor excellence training center.



  • our philosophy is simple:
    • We deliver excellence
    • We deliver value
    • We deliver service
    • We deliver results



ANQOR’s vision is to be the leading, independent, multinational Hotel Management Specialist worldwide. ANQOR’s believes in achieving superior results through our unique approach to hospitality management. Whether you are our Employee, Customer, Guest, Associate or Partner, you can expect our commitment to excellence in everything we do.